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Shunkan-Rakunyu is an electronic ticket application that allows entry with just a smartphone in your pocket or bag. Significantly reduces event reception work.

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A large variety of events!
Convenient ticket reservation and easy reception on the day are possible with this app!
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Why choose Shunkan-Rakunyu?

  • 1
    Smooth entry on the day

    Participants can look for their tickets printed at the reception if they register with the application in advance,
    with no need to show their screen.

  • 2
    Reduce event staff

    Since visitor information is automatically obtained, it's possible for even a small event staff to manage during peak hours.

  • 3
    Monitor Participant Numbers

    The organizer can always keep track of the number of visitors on his smartphone.

Features that make event organizers happy

Reception radar

When ticket buyers approach you, your name will be displayed on the reception radar.
Tap the name to complete acceptance

Participant management

A list of participants who have already been accepted and those who are waiting to be accepted is displayed, making it easy to understand the number of participants.

Event announcement

Easy event creation with the app. You can get QR code and URL.
You can easily notify the event participants here.

Issuing tickets

Participants can easily apply from the app and get an electronic ticket.
Both free and paid tickets are supported.

Event organizer app

Ticket issuance from event notification
Easy reception on the day is possible with this app!
Click here to download the app for organizers

Click here for new registration and management

New registration/management

*Currently, beta version is being released for free.

Click here for usage guide


PaylessGate Technology

Touchless personal authentication technology with high-speed and high-accuracy position measurement technology

96% of global smartphones installed
No special hardware required
Ultra low power consumption

Security technology

One time password
Automatic issue, automatic authentication.

Position measurement technology

Patent pending
Enables personal identification without overlapping identification zones. Error, within 10 cm. (Our research)

How to Use

  • 1
    Create event page with other tools

    Please continue to create the event introduction page

  • 2
    Create an event on the Shunkan-Rakunyu website

    Create an event ticket at "Shunraku Rakuin" and get the participant registration URL and QR code

  • 3
    Embed the participant registration URL in the event page

    Please insert the URL in the registration page of the event introduction page. For leaflets, paste the QR code

  • 4
    Ticket sales, announcement

    When the event introduction page is announced and participants click the registration URL, the screen will change to the "Instantaneous music entry" application download screen.

  • 5
    Download the app

    After going to Shunkan-Rakunyu in the App Store, download the application and register as a participant to receive an electronic ticket.

  • 6
    Staff waiting at the event reception

    If the electronic ticket has already been issued, you can confirm that the participants of the participants are approaching at the organizer application reception desk.

  • 7
    Confirm participant name and tap name

    Confirm the participant name displayed on the organizer app and tap to complete the reception. If you do not have an electronic ticket, tap from the registration list.

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